Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ron Paul and Peter Schiff on Freedom Watch

March 25, 2009

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  1. Listen to the judge blather about 'contracts being the basis of society' when arguing for bonuses with bailout money. What about the bailout that should never have happened, against which bonus conversations would be moot.

    Faux news..of course!

  2. You and people like you are the exact reason for all these. Listen to the whole thing. They are as much against the bailout as anyone can be. Listen to the whole message. Shut your mouth. Think about it. And only if you have either question or constructive criticism then speak out.
    Who cares its on Fox News? If it makes sense even you should still try to find out the truth.

  3. Guys take it easy. We are all here for the same thing: freedom. If we are going to have fights between us then we are most certain totally fucked.

  4. I could benefit from learning the specifics about how the system works. When the FED "buys" MBS, what is exactly happening ? Is this all electronic or is physical money being printed?

    If the gov. ("we the people") own Freddie/Fannie, and the FED is buying MBS from them, and lending money for "free" then why I am asked to pay 4-5% interest ?

    There are so many technical economic questions that the average person doesn't understand.

    I think this show could help people if it was "dummed down" a bit,and talked to us like we are ignorant Americans. Oh wait, we are.

  5. Watch out guys - soon, the govt. may target the media - you. Then, the totalitarianism you speak of will become unstoppable.