Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Marc Faber on Bloomberg

April 7, 2009

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  1. They need to get rid of that asian newscaster. Rude & really didn't seem to take a sincere interest to what Faber had to say...

  2. Wait a second.... he said the commodities bull market is over? Holly ****, I don't think Jimmie Rogers would like to hear that, jimmy said the bull market would last another 5/10 years from where it started in 1998.

  3. he said it was over last year and prices will be much higher a few years from now.
    depends just on your definition. jim rogers usually talks about very long term bull/bear markets.
    look at a chart of rogers commodity index. you have to have a REALLY long term definition of market cycles if you consider a 60% loss a correction in a bull market.

    what surprised me more was him suggesting to buy japan. that's probably the worst pick in asia in my view.

  4. Well said Marc! Thank you.
    By the way, why not post more of Max Keiser?
    He has got very interesting points of view to..

  5. @ second poster

    Well troughout history commodity bull markets always latest something like 15, 20 years so if it started in 1998 (and I think we can all agree on that by looking at the charts) then is still has a long way to go from here (5-10 years?).

  6. Max Keiser's commentary, full of gimmick & exaggeration!! Please check his history, not recommand to viwer.

  7. agreed. watch kaiser's UK show. you'll never watch it again.

  8. http://webtv.meeting.no/conventor4/Viewer/Viewers/Viewer320TL.aspx?mode=Default&peid=e1c6e751-9897-48f6-8077-44bacb3f43ef&pid=e249d6a6-9d25-4a8a-a504-1fd85bf52f51&playerType=WM7