Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peter Schiff on CNBC

March 19, 2009

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  1. Liesman looks like he needs some Metamucil.

  2. So frustrating to see people talking over each other, just because they invite 3 guests with a lot to say and only give them 7 minutes to do it.

    I'm with Schiff and the old guy here, but would have loved to hear what Liesman had to say about this issue, since he seemed to oppose their claims.

    We are talking about our future here, and the TV channels cannot give this discussion more than a few minutes before they have to break for commercials, followed by a American Idol or something stupid like that.

  3. Um... Why would you want to listen to a complete and utter moron who is "clueless." Seriously, where does CNBC find their on-air talent. I would be embarrassed if I were CNBC. Bloomberg is much better. To take a cue from Cramer, I want to short CNBC. Sell, sell, sell. Well I'll settle for a boycott.

  4. liesman is an idiot!

    schiff is generally right.. although there are some things that are not correct..

    frankly.. steve liesaman is an embarassment.

  5. Liesman is very good at his rhetoric, or getting the upper hand when trying to convince others of his position. I must admit I really enjoyed watching Peter Schiff outdo him big time this time around.

    J E Dorner

  6. Jan: Obama team accuses China of manipulating its currency

    11 Mar: U.S. commander sees aggressive China in naval clash at South China Sea.

    14 Mar: U.S. tries to assure China of its assets safety after expressing their concerns.

    18 Mar: China block Coca-Cola bid for Huiyuan.

    19 Mar: US Pump US$1.2 trillion into economy.

    Better not be what I think it is...

  7. Anyone..and I mean ANYONE who does not see the handwriting on the wall had better get with the program. We are headed for the biggest economic crises this country will EVER see.
    My thoughts:
    1. Get out of debt as fast as you can.
    2. Buy Gold and especially Silver, all you can afford.
    3. Buy weapons to protect your family and yourself with.
    4. If you know nothing about farming and or raising crops to eat, LEARN.
    5. Store food, water and items to barter with.
    6. Have a thorough First Aid Kit for emergencies.

    Ladies and gentleman Mr. Schiff, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Paul are correct. We are in for a Bad One.
    The 1930's will look like the "good old days" when this one hits.

  8. While I don't agree entirely with Peter Schiff, everything you need to know about LIESman can be found in his name and this article ( He has been at the shilling game for a long time now. He calls himself a financial, isn't he supposed to be objectively reporting information, not screaming like a lunatic and inserting his worthless opinions. Right now he is shilling for Larry Summers and GE. There is plenty of information out there about Summers role in the jacking of America and LIARman has admitted that he and Summers are friends from way back.

    By the way, great should add Max Keiser to the page. He tells the truth and is quite witty too. Check him out on youtube.

  9. It is easier to stock up on Gold than on Silver. You need 68 ounces of silver to have an equivalent for 1 ounce of gold at current market price.

    We should get as much of debt as possible and serviceable because money will be worthless sooner or later. Make sure the interest rates are fixed.

    Anyway, after advocating your thoughts, are you doing it?