Monday, March 9, 2009

Peter Schiff about Warren Buffet on CNBC

March 9, 2009

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  1. There is a new long Peter Schiff interview done on march 4th. Just go to the menu and select Peter Schiff and then scroll down to march 4th and you will find it!

  2. big fan of your site since started linking some of your vids.

    cant help but laugh when they say its going to get better cause it wont. the dollar will crash and by the time the people even realize the government is doing this to make a quick buck for themselves and the people they owe it will be too late.

    buffet is a liar and is told what to say when ever the economy looks real bad. the fact that the dow goes up 300+ points is laughable when you look at the data and realize most of the stocks only sold 100 or so stocks but because they were sold for higher the dow went up.

    the dollar is backed by nothing and all dollars are debt. these so called experts are just liars told to say what you here.i like msnbc but sometimes they are so far off i have to turn it off and get the recap on here.

    we have no news channels left because it's all about ratings which is all about money which is all about control which is all about ego.

    the world is corrupt and freedom doesnt exist in america or anywhere else on earth. the fact that people dont even know that there were many presidents before washington and why we call him the first. a president is the leader of a company btw which we call The United States. im not kidding google it. when people get married its an agreement of 3 parties between you, your loved one, and the state.


    *cough* bank holiday coming up *cough*

    last time it happened they took everyone gold and money in the early 30's.

    i would love to see some vids of the things that happened back then as history repeats itself.

    i dont know everything of course but what i do know is this economy mess going on is just to distract people from all the bills being pushed thru congress

    how bout hr 875 which says you cant grow your own food to eat.

  3. It's hilarious to see the likes of govt cheerleaders like Kudlow and this pitiful embarrassment Laffert who still owes Peter his penny. These people remind me of Communists in USSR you read about. If you did not BELIEVE in the state, if you did not agree to believe (this is why the Bolsheviks had to destroy all of Russia's churches first, to pave wave for a new religion)you were an enemy of the people, you were not patriotic. So is this Kudlow fool, blaming Peter in every show and laughing him off. Deep inside he knows Peter is right and Kudlow is just too cowardly or stupid to realize and stand up for the truth. Ladies and Gents, there ain't gonna be a recovery, that's certain. You don't recover with 0 production, 16% real unemployment and growing, and the biggest debt IN WORLD HISTORY!!!