Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Peter Schiff about gold and Jim Rogers

March 11, 2009

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  1. @ the first video

    This is the first time I have to disagree with Peter Schiff. I believe Jim Rogers idea more that the IMF will sell most of its gold holdings and that will for a short time drive the price of gold down. Especially if we are going to have a market rally for some time. Then everybody thinks we are in a new bull market so silver and gold will do badly then especially when the IMF says that it will start sell some gold.

    (by the way: I wonder what Peter Schiff thinks about Jim Rogers and Jim Rogers about Peter schiff. Would they sometimes listen to eachother interviews?)

  2. they have been interviewing each other a few years back. I can't remember who was the interviewer and who was the interviewee.

  3. the notion that cashing in even only one third of the IMFs gold will not affect the gold price is pretty ridiculous. they have 3000 tonnes. the largest physical gold ETF is worth about 1000 tonnes right now.

  4. Schiff Interviewed Rogers:

  5. If the IMF does sell gold, it will be roughly 400 tonnes according to an IMF spokesperson. I am with Schiff on this, in that I don't believe it will have that big an impact on the global gold market. If the sales goes through, they will more than likely not dump this on the open market, but rather, will sell it off in a transaction directly to a government like China or Russia. If the gold does not hit the free market, then there should be a nominal impact. Of course, as the IMF gives out more info, we'll know more, so my position is subject to change :)