Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jim Rogers talks about the UK and US

March 3, 2009

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  1. "But that will never happen again"

    Haha, did you guys see Jim Rogers face? Priceless! That guy interviewing mr rogers is really a sheeple.

  2. the interviewer actually asked good questions. in the sense that he forced jim rogers to think of some new answers instead of repeating the same old ones

  3. Nah, the guy asking the questions knows more than his questions suggest. He is playing devil's advocate.

  4. I agree. He definitely was playing the "Devils Advocate." Jim Rodgers is a very savvy and a man of vision. He is correct about America and other countries. The dark clouds are on the horizon, inching closer each day.
    I would advise anyone that has knowledge of this blog and all of it's videos to tell their friends, neighbors and anyone else they can about it. There is REAL information here that people will not get watching the nightly news and/or tv business shows. It would be amazing if we could turn people on to the truth. During times like these and as people begin suffering, I believe that truth will become more imortant than ever.

  5. @ the poster above me

    I couldn't said it better. I trust this website with it's videos of Jim Rogers, Ron Paul, Marc Faber and Peter Schiff more then any news paper or tv station.

    We need to spread this website around, not only because of it's videos but also of all the documentaries.

  6. Jim Rogers is so easy to listen to and understand. He is like a favorite uncle who is well read with lots of real world experiance. Thanks for posting this interview.

  7. @ the post above me

    Wow! If Jim Rogers was my uncle I would have been so blessed! I could listen to Jim for hours! He always tells it like it is without him choosing sides.

  8. Britain and america have no cloths and no skin.