Monday, March 2, 2009

Jim Rogers on CNBC Asia

March 2, 2009

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  1. Finally Jim is back on CNBC. He didn't do a Bloomberg or CNBC interview since the beginning of the year! I thought they got rid of him because of his message. Thank god he is back!

  2. Two questions:
    1) What's going to happen if IMF dump their gold?
    2) Hugh Hendry is not bullish on gold. Who do you think is right?

  3. @ Anonymous

    1) If the IMF will dump all their gold (likely to happen? are they that stupid???) gold prices will take a bad hit and maybe even go to 200/300/400
    2) Yes in the short term gold is a bad investment because if the central banks around the world are really going to dump their gold + the IMF then gold will go very low, but in the long term gold is a great investment. If we in the US really going to have a small depression then gold and silver (and all other commodities) are probably the best things to own. In the great depression paper became almost worthless, the only things that had value were real things like commodities (and therefore gold and silver).

  4. That second video is very intresting. So Jim Rogers is buying farms and land in brazil and canada.... intresting. Maybe we should all go to our local bank and apply for a loan and buy some farms and create a 'farm' holding company. And then someday when commodities are in a true bubble like the dot com bubble and everybody knows about it take the whole farm holding company to the stock market and cash in before the bubble explodes and everybody has to go back to paper again.

  5. BTW, for those that are interested, Jim Rogers will be on CNBC's Kudlow Report show tomorrow (wednesday) @ 7PM EST.

  6. Commodities better than gold?

  7. Yes in the very long term 10/15 years I (and Jim Rogers) believe that commodities will be a better long term investment.

    Gold is going to do great the next ~5 years because of the american depression and world recession. But when things clear up then commodities will still be in a bull market for the next ~5/10 years.

    So buy gold and silver if you just want to make it trough the american depression and global recession, and buy commodities to speculate and invest your money.

    Anyone agrees?

  8. I would advise anyone to buy Gold and Silver as both always do well when fiat currency becomes worthless, and it will this time. I have also been buying household necessities and am completely out of debt.
    Do not forget that during the 1930's the federal government was still tied to the gold standard which did not allow them to hyper-inflate the money supply. They are held back by NOTHING this time. They have already said that they intend to "buy paper and ink until the ink and paper run out and the buy more."
    I would also buy a few weapons to defend myself and my family with. If you know nothing about them, you can look forward to learning about something new. Ammunition will also be something to barter with.

  9. I would like to suggest an exchange traded note that tracts natural gas. Symbol {GAZ} Natural gas is the greatest bargain commodity around.