Monday, November 1, 1999

Jim Rogers on Dutch TV

Interview from November 1999

In a Dutch interview Mr Rogers talks about himself and mostly about the fact that he is a international investor. Further he tells us the way how he invests and how much fun it is for him. He also talks about Iceland, China, Japan, Africa, Turkey and ofcourse commodities.


  1. Iceland has failed... gone bankrupt this last week. I wonder if Mr. Rogers investments were affected. I wonder if he will invest more? His comments about the country that had earthquakes and that he would have shorted had he known earthquakes were coming... etc...rather heartless. I'd rather hear him talk about investments that contribute to people's lives.

  2. He sold all of his holdings in Iceland years ago. You can look up the interview if you want where he was asked about it.

  3. LOL! He is singing at 1:06, what a great guy! Rock on Jim!!!