Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Peter Schiff was in Saudi Arabia lately and these are the video's that resulted of that.


Questions and answers

After talk

January, 2009

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  1. The quality is not very good, but thanks for posting anyway admin!

  2. Peter looks more relaxt then when he is on CNBC, FOX or CNN.

  3. excellent . now u know y peter schiff strategey may not play out . Take at look at the second Arab who says his daughter was born and studied in the US..these leaders may never have the courage to do the right thing even as the ship sinks here at home and pulls them down as well

  4. Isn't it intresting that the first video is 9:11

    Schiff is tha' man on money, period.

  5. Whatta treat. Most raised in a 'fiat currency world' just simply cannot grasp unadulterated Free Markiet Capitalism. The world and especially the U.S., will have to learn the hard way and unfortunately we will. Decoupling from the dollar will be a natural result.


  6. decouple may not occur for a long time all u schiff bugs ...all the leaders in most asia countries have a perverse incentive to see the us empire in tact ..read up on game theory dudes