Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yes I know! This is not a interview from 2009 but from 2008. I still posted it because it gives you a unique look at Jim Rogers personal live and that of his daughters.

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  1. Lucky Jim Rogers! A beautiful blond wife, 2 little girls, alot of money and living in Singapore. Sounds good to me!

    (cute girl by the way!)

  2. If his daughters are something like 15/20 he will be 80. But who are we to judge about that? It is his own life after all.

  3. "teenage girls can be a lot of fun". lol

    <3 Jim

  4. I still like him!

  5. “你那里学的中文?”

    ahaahahahah, the girl's too cute!!

  6. I love this guy. admire his honesty and intellect.
    The 21 century will belong to China.
    I think Chinese women are the prettiest in the world - so Jim's very fortunate.