Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009

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there is nothing that the russian central bank can do about the rubble crisis, I am only buying the japanese yen right now, the US and the dollar are far from being a safe haven, the next economic problem is going to start in the currency market probably this year, I don't expect the euro to survive and be around in the next 10 or 15 years


  1. Why don't I see Jim Rogers anymore on CNBC and Bloomberg? Did his contract end or something?

  2. I don't really get what's the basis for his agriculture predictions. 2 or 3 years of shortages because of the credit contraction, OK, I see that.

    but why long-term? demand may go up a bit, but extending the supply of agriculture is much easier and faster that opening metal mines or finding new oil.

  3. you need farmers to farm, and industrial equipment for farming, at least if we are not talking about substenance farming. all the farmers are really old and a lot of fields are fallow and there are a lot of water shortages. On top of that, thanks to agr subsidies, of the crops that are planted, a lot of them are heavily subsidized, so you get your malinvestments. etc...

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  5. China is gaining more and more ground against the european union and the united states every day.