Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

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there is always hope but we are in a bear market, real estate is still overvalued, interest rates and commodities price aren't going to stay low, I know that we are creating all this money and not a lot of goods someday the dollar is going to collapse, there are still good stocks outside the US, it is going to be better to own stocks then bonds


  1. Steve Forbes is completely clueless as usual. I used to read his magazine until I realized all my horribly performing stocks were one's his magazine recomended. He of course is always bullish and thinks that all we need is more confidense. He never saw any of this coming. He was meant for menial labor. At least Art Laffer has learned something.

  2. To the previous anon. about Steve Forbes:
    Ha my friend, you're lucky to have realized that as did I, unfortunately most Americans still believe this ponzi scheme. The whole thing is a setup, once I saw how it works in the past year and how it's setup, no wonder we're failing, it wasn't meant to last. The whole stock market is like a rigged casino right now. The difference is that it's setup to bring huge profits mostly created out of thin air!

  3. Amen. More Art Laffer, more Peter Schiff, less Steve Forbes.

    More money into mortgage-backed securities? Isn't that like rehabilitating a crackhead by giving him more crack?

  4. It is nice to see Art Laffer finally come around. He was Peter Schiff's nemesis for years. He has finally stopped to smell the coffee.
    Steve Forbes can't sell magazines if people get out of the stock market. It would be no wonder then why he is still trying to be bullish on the markets. He has turned into a govt. stooge, all the while trying to protect his own hide.