Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, 2009

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  1. So maybe all that talk about a world government wasn't crap? Maybe... but I still hate conspiricy people.

  2. The problem is the establishment and the American people are beginning to believe that capitalism has failed. This belief is absolutely false. It wasn't that capitalism failed but that government intervention failed. If we truly had a free market, artifical booms would be non existent. It was the manipulation of interest rates that created all this malinvestment. If we relied on the market to operate freely, businesses would have to use savings to expand not artificial credit. It is the easy credit policy of the Federal Reserve that has created this crisis. We must wake up and realize that kenyesian economics is flawed. Government has no place in the free market. Their interventions make matters longer and worse not better. A world power will increase regulations, increase intervention, decrease liberty, and increase centralization. These characteristics were not what our Founding Fathers believed in. Our country thrived because we were free and hard working. We need to recognize that we need sound money, decentralization, and an abolishment of the Federal Reserve in order to rebuild this country on the principles and foundation our Founding Fathers envisioned.

  3. I don't think you hate "conspiracy" people as you call them. I think you hate the idea that maybe they may be right.
    It is obvious that something behind the scenes is definitely going on here. Why did all of our so-called "top" economists, Paulson, Bernanke, Greenspan, Geithner all travel to Japan in 1990 and tell the Japanese that the idea of throwing money at their economic malaise would bring about economic doom? And now, these same men who warned Japan against such a move are doing exactly the same thing here in the US?
    It is something to ponder. It amazes me at how many people in the US do not understand or know what the definition of DEBT is. That is our malaise amongst the government and our people.
    We have consumed our way into this mess. Why can't people who are in deep DEBT see that the government going much DEEPER in DEBT will not not
    bring about prosperity?
    If John Doe citizen (who is so deep in debt he is losing everything) understands that maxing out 10 more credit cards will not get him out of debt, why do I keep hearing these same John Doe's say that if government does the same thing they will pull us out of our recession? Have many of our citizens lost the capacity to reason?
    If it does not work for people, it will not work for governments. Debt is Debt.

  4. the problem i sthat americans thought that they were invincible and now they realize that they are not. ron paul talks commonsense. i live in thailand and have been following him since the gop primaries . what is happening now is nothing compared to what will happen when the value of the dollar drops.
    USA does not produce anything except commercial papers which are now worthless.. and believe me that obama is not in total control.

  5. ok baa baa...time to go back to grazing...