Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18, 2009

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the central banks are creating alot of inflation that is what gold is showing, I (peter schiff) think that the dollar is going to fall alot faster then other currencies, in the end the only one that is going to write a mortage is the US government, the politics is what is killing the economy and the cure, favorite investment: gold, silver


  1. Good interview. I guess the time has come to buy gold when it breaks the old high from around a 1000 dollars. Any thoughts about buying it then?

  2. Well ladies and gentlemen, the s is REALLY about to hit the fan. Watch this puppy go down in history, the show's starting!! Panic is beginning.

  3. Buy Gold NOW! I have been buying it like hotcakes for a year now. Just ordered a bunch of silver also (more easily traded on th street.)

    I expect to see gold go to 2k and ounce by the end of 2009, may even go higher, and silver will follow at about a 70-75 to 1 ratio.

    Paper money is just that, paper with a promise (fiat) from the US govt. Guess what I think of their promise?