Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13, 2009

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I (ron paul) just voted against the stimulus package, the national debt increases by 789 billion dollar, there were only 4 or 5 printed copies of the bill, there are only something like 12 people who know what is in the bill, this is not going to be helpful to the economy, I think some day the american people will wake up when the dollar crashes


  1. How can they expect congressmen to vote on a bill they haven't read? Is this normal or what?

  2. You'd be surprised. No-one read the patriot act.

  3. Thank you admin for the new xtra segment. Very good video about the political spectrum! I love this website!

  4. thank you for this site! I have turned off much of the MSM like CNN, MSNBC, I no longer could listen to the mindless drones, so I have started searching online to understand myself what is going on.. and sites like yours are absolutely great!

    I used to be a staunch democrat, now I don't trust them.. I wanted to read this bill, and I was disgusted to find out that they voted on a 1 TRILLION dollar spending spree (and yes its a spending spree) without EVEN HAVING READ IT!!!

    now, I am listening to people like Peter Schiff, Dr. Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, and Dr. Ron Paul.

    I will no longer vote just by party affiliation! those days are gone.. and my blinders are finally off.

    Thank you again for this site... I stumbled across it while searching for information.. and its a great service to those who are trying to understand themselves what is going on rather than listening to the lies the ignorant liberal corporate MSM telling them.

  5. marc faber on a radio show:

  6. @ Anonymous

    Thank you for posting that! Altough I still listen to the mainstream media I have problems with with "normal" thinking of people.

    But I absolutely agree that this website is great! Also the documentary's on here are great! I hope there is going to be a forum around here where I can disuss things with "enlightend" people.