Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

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the Dow Jones hit a new low against gold, inflation is the increase in the money supply, higher prices are a result of that, they (government) are trying to re-inflate the bubble, silver gold stocks and asia look really good, everything I do is a play against the dollar


  1. These two "market specialists" (the bold one and the woman with a stupid look on her face) are the next Art Laffers!! Where's poor Art now? He didn't even give Peter his promised penny.

  2. Gold, Silver (bought 400 ounces today) and it is GOING THROUGH THE ROOF. Hedge against the inflation that's coming.

    Some perspective on US DEBT:
    1 Trillion dollars in $100 dollar bills stacked one on top of another would be 685 miles high. If the stack fell down it would stretch from Chicago, IL to Macon, GA. Now, multiply that Trillion by 12 and you get US BANKRUPTCY.

  3. I heard that every 12 months the US adds another trillion to its national debt. Is that true?

  4. MacDonalds is the least place I'll go now with this economic crisis. The reason is that you value your money more. By going to Macdonald means junck food for your money. Besides Macdonas is not that cheap....

  5. People are going to invest is on real assets...they waking up to reality. There are figuaring out that there not more time to live in the mirage as the desert is getting bigger and the water is getting far from reach.

  6. I don't know about a trillion more a year, but Obama has pushed it to about 3 trillion higher in 1 month. Bush was not much better. From and economic stand point, I believe there is not a "spit in the rivers" difference between these two. They keep believing the keynesian lie that you can get out of debt by spending more money you do not have, i.e. DEBT is Good.
    That does not work in an individuals dire economic situation and will not work in a government's dire situation either.