Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

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he (Tim Geithner) caused all these problems, he doesn't know what he is doing, I (Jim Rogers) almost fell on the floor hearing Geithner talk, you don't fail when you still pay dividends with government money, if we do more of this we are going to have a depression, I shorted the market because I can see these guys don't know what they are doing


  1. So he shorted the market again? IBM, GE, JPM. Very interesting.

  2. he is getting mad. it is good to see free marketers are alive with their blood pumping!

  3. Two great new Schiff videos out today!
    On Ron Paul:

    On Obama/Bernanke:

  4. @ the guy above

    The admin posted them ;-)

  5. Is there a recent video of Tim Geithner talking about Japan's stimulus in the 1990s?

    Mr. Rogers says he (Geithner) said the other day that the Japanese didn't spend enough money. I have only seen this view attributed to Geithner in an article. Have not seen him actually say it.

  6. Lol i know how he wanted to slap that biatch,how he almost stood,i think mr.Rogers is getting angry of the ignorance of bussiness people

  7. Anonymous at 3:51pm on 12/02/09:

    "the Japanese didn't spend enough money."

    This is a common view in Keynesian circles. Paul Krugman adheres to it and has in fact criticised the Obama/Democrat stimulus package for being too small aswell.

    Think about it: if you really believe that the answer to our predicament is an expansion in aggregate demand then if a policy based on that theory feels then the likley reason found (by Keynesian's) for explaining the failure will be that the the fiscal stimul was not big enough.

  8. Keynesian economics applied to a capitalist economy is like trying to mix oil and water. There is a near perfect inverse relationship between the amount of money in circulation and it's purchasing power. It reflects the SIMPLE relationship that prices increase approxiamately proportionately to money supply.
    Krugman is a fool at best. I would advise everyone to hunker down. Buy Gold & Silver to protect your wealth. We have not even seen the tip of the iceberg in the coming meltdown yet.
    WHile all the time it deepens with each Bailout ans so-called stimulus.

  9. The economic situation looks more dire by the day.