Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009

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we got into this mess because of spending, borrowing, and inflating too much, we are going to make things much worse, nobody wants to cut spending on the american empire, we are going to have a dollar crisis, you have to allow the liquidation of debt


  1. Guys you really have to watch the interview Ron Paul did on the 24th! Just go to the menu on the right.

  2. Everybody want shoot the messenger cause they're scared of the message.

    It's easy for these talking heads to talk shit to Ron Paul yet nobody wan't to help him when he's asking Bernanke and Paulson the tougth questions about Monetary Policy.

    Keep in mind, The female commentator, Mika Brzezinski is the daugher of former Trilateral Commision Director and Obama forign policy advisor Zbignew Brezinski. I'm sure she's clueless about how the world works.

    These conversations aren't over these peoples heads as they would have you belive, but they're hoping like hell they're over yours.

    It's all a hustle, just don't get hustled.

  3. Eduardo,
    I watched the video twice. Ron Paul was fantastic. I hope some viewers who saw him are now starting to think outside the box...I do wish Ron Paul would mention www.campaignforliberty.org as a source for viewers to turn to after such interviews.

    As far as his interviewers, I'm hoping they are not paid to simply discredit him. I wish the follow up conversation they had, to which somebody alluded to, would have been posted here. I read that they took pot shots at him after he was off. Anybody have a link to that episode...the minute or so after the conversation with Ron Paul ended?

    all the best,
    J E Dorner

  4. Great video. I want to see Gerald Celente videos here. They'd fit nicely.

  5. try Senator Dennis Kucinich if you like Ron Paul.

  6. The full one is at campaignforliberty, and has their "forward-looking" comments at the end.