Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009

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I (Jim Rogers) dont pay attention to government figures, what they (governments) are doing is the wrong thing, the UK has more debt then it can afford, I (Jim Rogers) don't see good things for the US dollar or the pound


  1. Was that guy laughing while Jim Rogers was speaking? Someone needs to kick him in the ****

  2. what's so good about the JPY? I understand japan has a balanced trade account but it's already very high and the carry trade should be reversed by now.

    so what's the reason the japanese shouldn't follow down the path of inflation in the next few years?

    I like australia right now. they have a large trade deficit but it's very dependent on commodities. they actually had a few months of surplus in the months that had high commodity prices.

  3. That arab guy was a little slow.

  4. Yeah, that Moorad guy blamed our problems now on letting Lehman brothers fail... Why not get Paris Hilton to debate Rogers, surely she'd make more sense.

  5. I cant take anymore of the keynesian dribble from these english twats!

  6. wow, What a bunch of idiot English men.

  7. When Jim Rogers says:

    "It’s not just your grand children. It’s your children — it’s you! Don’t you know how much debt the English government has taken on in the last 6 months and how much it’s going to take on in the next year or two. These are gigantic numbers for a country that can not afford it right now."

    and Moorad Choundhry of the Europe Arab Bank straight up laughs at him, it reminded me of how they laughed at Schiff in 2006.

    Rogers' warnings and forecasts in this interview were very similar to those of Schiff.

    Laugh all the way back to Europe Arab Bank Moorad.... It won't be so funny when they lay your a$$ off next year.


  8. If ppl. like that moron run Europe Arab Bank we can shot sell it at any price!

  9. I believe what you are seeing is the proponents of the Keynesian economics model vs. the Austrian economics model going head to head in these discussions. Keynesians believe that debt is "good" for countries. The Austrian model says debt is "bad." Historically speaking, any HUGE debt is NEVER good for a country.

    You have to understand that the Austrian school of economics is not taught in our HS or colleges any longer. It was taught for decades in the USA, but alas, no more. It is smirked at and given no credit any more by what we call economics teachers and professors. Probably the reason Mr. Choundry either does not take Jim Rodgers seriously and/or he is covering his behind trying to keep people in the markets with his attempts at dicrediting Rodgers with flippant adolescent laughter and titillation.
    I believe he will be laughing out of the other side of his face soon.

  10. Peter Schiff is back!

  11. I think the problem is they are both looking at different numbers when they talk debt:GDP. The U.K. is exactly like the U.S. - bust - when you factor in off balance sheet debt like cumulative public sector pension liabilities in the U.K. and health care commitments in the U.S. On a short term technical basis both the U.K. and U.S. will get through it. Unfortunately, within a generation both ecomonies face diaster.

  12. I think all one has to consider is who do you believe has been the better investor over the long term. I certainly would take Jim Rogers returns over anyone so his comments must certainly hold lots of weight. To bad the idiots we elect can't do much research on these subjects to make the right decisions.

    I believe the fact that Mr. Rogers moved to Singapore says it all. To bad we don't all have the ability to do it.

  13. Choodry is mentally disabled.January 24, 2009 at 1:25 PM

    Europe Arab Bank? Give me a break, this is one of the reasons UK will fail, they listen to the opinions of their own economy given by some Hindu working for an Arab bank who cannot even properly pronounce all his words, I can't make out 60% of what he's saying about actual facts.

    He simply doesn't understand English as mr. Rogers pointed out. He twisted the facts about giving to the competent and letting the incompetent fail and said that Lehman was bad and they let them go. Idiot. He's so arrogant and full of himself he doesn't hear what others are telling him. Another naked emperor (or a petty honorary-shah in his case :)

    At least the real Englishmen there showed respect and concern, he just doesn't believe today's spoiled world will want to sacrifice anything for their children's future. After all, that's another "new" idea the NWO gave us, family is not important, self satisfaction is the primary achievement. What a false belief that was. We're all going to wake up real soon, in a big big way, where ww2 will be the flowers, we'll be getting the fruit!

  14. I predict a "Jim Rogers was Right" video to pop up in about a year's time.

  15. I used to think that our US leaders were just stupid and did not understand economics. I am beginning to believe that hey know exactly what is going on.
    I think this failing economy will be recession to depression. It will be bad enough that people will be willing to accept any form of economics the government trots out. That said I believe they will tell us that we must combine the economies of Canada and Mexico with the USA. (A kind of North American Euro, if you will.) Possibly all the rumors of the "Amero" coming are true.

  16. Well if you think this is some kind of conspiracy, then why would those "elite" guys need a very bad economic recession. In europe we didnt need a economic mess to unite all the country's and get the euro.

  17. They are not smart enough to know what is going on, it is not a conspiracy. They are simply ignorant.

    Personally I realized how ignorant our politicians were when I studied "global warming" and I realized it is all smoke and mirrors. No global warming disaster. A lie.

    This helped me understand our economic system and how little our "leaders" understand. I am now ready for the depression. I HAVE made money on this Depression and I will continue to do so. And I do it by listening to people like Rogers. Not that Arab guy. What a joke.

  18. Europe has had it's problems, if all was well with your individual country's economies, why did you go to the Euro?

    Many countries in Europe wanted nothing to do with it, but were handcuffed into accepting it.

    Do you honestly believe that every single Washington economist is stupid and dumb enough to believe that borrowing more money and doubling, maybe tripling your debt will get you out of debt?! When has anyone ever done that? You don't get out of debt by borrowing more debt. You get out of debt by contracting and paying off debt. They know that. My 12 year old knows that! What else could it be, but an ulterior motive?


    Jim Rogers tries to explain capitalism to a Dutch journalist/socialist.

  20. I am glad that you brought up global warming and the economy in the same paragraph. If these two issues were related they would have the same father.
    Has anyone noticed that government has said that they are the only answer to curing both of them? If you look at them both in depth, you will find that government's answer is the same in both cases. It is called "having control."

    Do I believe that every climate change scientist who belongs to government can not see that a 1 degree temp. rise in a hundred years is just nothing to get excited about? Do I also believe that every government economist can not see the folly of going further into debt is not the way out of debt?

    I think that government is pretty sure that the majority of citizens just don't care any longer about thinking about anything important. It's just too much trouble to investigate or ask questions about anything. US citizens move on emotion now. We are beginning to lose our greatest human assets, Reason and Logic. We are quickly becoming no more than the cattle in the field when we make moves based on emotion. That could be EXACTLY what govt. control freaks want.

  21. Dear Christiansen. Do you still not believe in an ulterior motive behind what is happening to our economy?

    "The best way to destroy the Capitalist system is to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.
    There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all of the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does iyt in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.
    Can anyone argue the "not one man in a million" understands inflation?

    Leonid Lenin