Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20, 2009

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most of the US financials (or all of them) are already bankrupt, lets have confidence by letting the incompentent companies fail, you dont get out of a economic crisis by throwing money at the problem, the dow jones made today another low against gold


  1. This video is horrible quality. This YouTube channel has the high quality one http://www.youtube.com/user/peterschiffvideos

  2. Peter brilliantly embarrassed that bald fool as always. He "Believes", lol, believes what? Magic? The holy luck of America? The country is decimated by debt, we've lost the only way we knew how to make money (speculate, borrow,spend like crazy, repeat), the dollar is falling at unprecedented levels. The country is NOT, I repeat NOT the same quality it was in 1930's,40's & 50s. We have MILLIONS of illegal aliens here who are taking an enormous toll on government spending set aside for American's of low income, basically they're stealing from America's poor.

    We have a totally socialist (redder then ussr ever was) government that believes in fiat money and government assigned "value", this is 100% anti-capitalist. The president is ruled by a handful of neocon minded politicos (axelrod,emanuel) who want to continue our unsustainable, imperialistic wars and hold the country if total fear, for when the common folk fear, they agree to take part in almost anything. And all this fool says to Peter is: "I believe"....almost as pathetic as Obama's crowd. I heard such statements from Soviet politicos in the past, always the same huge, bigger than life slogans, always the opposite effect!

  3. @ the guy above

    Wow! This is the best comment I have read on this great website! I love watching/reading this stuff!

  4. THE "END" IS NEAR.......

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