Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17, 2009

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  1. one of Schiff's best interviews IMO

  2. Well, I dont know it its peters best interview, but I have to agree that it is absolutely one of his best!

  3. Absolutely agreed. He was tearing it up.

    My favorite quotes from this one is in response to the question of where Peter Schiff will be putting his money:

    "Anywhere but here. We’re going to be an economic wasteland for years to come - maybe decades to come. If we thought the 1930’s were bad. If we thought the Great Depression was bad, wait till you see what the government creates this time around."

    I wish he would have spent a few more minutes on investments that will make money going forward, though he did mention Asia and natural resources, which echoes what Jim Rogers and Marc Faber have been saying as well.


  4. The only investements right now in the US I would look at are Gold and Silver and make sure it is the physical kind you can hold in your hand, not on paper. They are REAL wealth, not the counterfeit dollars we carry around. I would also be preparing for a bleak future in our country.
    Buy a safe and store it all. It will be needed in the future.