Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2009

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how are we suppose to trust anything, there are no market forces, government out of financial market, when government comes in they corrupt the process, everybody is trying to get a government bailout


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  2. Doesn't surprise me, that Kudlow guy is always talking about something else. Then he is bullish on the economy/stock market then bearish, you can't keep track of the guy. One moment he is against government intervention in the market the next moment he yells that everything the government does is helping the economy.

    Very weird guy!

  3. Our country has become a a nation of intellectual cripples.
    Just "thinking" about anything really important i.e. the failing economy, has become "TOO MUCH TROUBLE." We will just allow the govt. to tell us the way out of debt is "spend more money" we do not have. I remember when the way out of debt was to spend less and pay off your debt.