Tuesday, January 1, 2008

(documentary about the US national debt)

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  1. Holy ****. Did you guys heard about Obama's plan yesterday? He said a trillion deficit will be likely the next years to bail out the economy. What is this going to do to the purchase power of the dollar? And more importantly who is going to buy all this debt? Are foreigners still intrested in us government bonds?

  2. Partly, for now. The world is going to figure out very soon that we can not and will not be able to pay them back. When that happens they will stop buying our bonds. Consequently, the dollar will fall like an anvil of a cliff. The government will just "print Money" like there is no tomorrow. Massive inflation will be the result of the dollars loss of purchasing power.

    I would advise people to get out of any debt you have ASAP. Buy commodities like gold and silver. Those items are REAL MONEY. Obama and his group will kill off this economy. They are doing all the wrong things. I don't think they are that stupid, I think it's a plan. The answer they will come up with will be that we should join the "North American Union" in order to survive. That is when they will pull out their real Ace card. The Amero. It's all a plan.

  3. Hahhaaa!!! They are not stupid? Do you hear the stuff Bernanke sometimes said during the hearings. His economics are really messed up. For example how he talked about the dollar that it doesn't matter for the consumer if the dollar is strong or weak. Now that is really stupid.

  4. Everyone's already realized that dollar should not be the reserve currency. There shouldn't be a reserve currency in this world. Every country should do its risk management instead of dumping money in treasury like a savings account. If they can screw the rest of the world once, might as well screw it hard. This video made me realise that inflation is not a problem, leverage is. Instead of inflation targeting, fed should be leverage targeting.

  5. @ the guy above

    Exactly right! You really read my mind!

  6. Again, these people are not stupid, they may say stupid things and 90% of dumbed down amerrikans won't know the difference, so they get away with it. Of course it matters if dollar is weak or strong, everyone knows that.

    The Stupidity is just a cloak so they can have their agenda and TV will bash them for being stupid while the real issues are never talked about. This Blog is cool.



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  7. u guys should have voted for dr ron paul in the primaries. he ahd been warning america but alas americans are too stupid! they want change. well u got obama.. thats y they say be careful what u wish for because u might get it!!